Art Craft Parties

Artcraftparty offers creative and exciting art project services for children's parties, Girl Scout gatherings, even slumber parties!  

You decide on the project for the party. All children who attend will be able to take home their jewelry or artwork at the end of the party. There are age recommendations with each project. 

The Artcraft activity will last about an hour.  The directions are given and a picture of the pattern, as well as a finished example is displayed for the children’s reference. I personally clasp the ends of the necklace with professional jewelry tools. 

Parents normally arrange food and games after the activity, while the art work is drying or being clasped, as in the case of a jewelry party.

All art and beading materials will be provided.  The party host is responsible for providing tables, tablecloths and chairs for all the children attending the party. 

The cost of the party is calculated on a project per-child basis. The project costs can be found at the end of each description. There is a 10 child party minimum or the difference in cost. In order to accommodate parties of 20 or more children, the project will be staged in two group sessions. As this requires additional time, a $50 fee will be applied. 

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please call Lesley at (908) 392-4197 You can send me your $75 deposit via check through the mail or you can use the paypal feature on my website. 

Party Deposit
Use your convenient and safe PayPal Deposit system. Please make your reservation via phone confirmation first, so I know who you are and for which date and time you are booking! If you need to change your date or time please give as much notice as possible. Emergencies are understandable but your deposit is non refundable however if you rebook or reschedule for another date and time I will apply your deposit to your party. The paypal payee will appear as Lesley Designs on your bill.

There are many projects for you to choose...

Name Necklace

This project has your name written all over it! Children choose the letters that spell out their name, a seed bead color and two accent beads to create this personalized jewelry project. I attach a sterling-plated clasp to finish each necklace.
Name necklace project $22 per child
Age recommendation 7-12

Charm Necklace

The most popular project choice is the charm necklace! Every child picks their own charm from dozens of choices. Then they choose their color of seed beads and four accent beads. Every necklace comes out unique and personalized by the young designers. I attach sterling-plated clasps to each necklace.
Name necklace project $20 per child
Age recommendation 7-14

Memory Wire Necklace and Bracelet Set

Make a slinky set! This project involves making two pieces of jewelry. The children can make them match or mismatch. They choose one or two colors of seed beads, ten accent beads for the necklace and six accent beads for the bracelet.
Memory wire necklace only project $18 per child
Memory wire necklace and bracelet set $24 per child
Add a charm for an Additional $2 per project
Age recommendation 7-14

Accent Bead Necklace

For this necklace project children choose from hundreds of colors of seed beads and pick a baggie filled with ten matching accent beads. There are tons of choices for accent beads, everything from shiny rainbow and miracle beads to animal and flower shaped beads.
Accent bead necklace project $21 per child
Add a charm for an additional $2 per child
Age recommendation 7-12

Faux Candy Bead Choker

Faux candy bead Choker this delicious project is made with silk coated extra large glass seed beads. A great choice for younger girls. 
Faux candy bead choker $18 per child
Add a charm for an additional $2 per project.
Age recommendation: 5-6

Fabulously Fruity Bracelet

This bracelet is fun to make and even more fun to wear! First we pick our fruits and then we space them apart in a design before stringing them together. I finish every bracelet with a sterling plated clasp. 
Fruity bracelet project $17 per project.
Age recommendation: 5-7

Bear Claw Necklace


This project is great for boys. Each child receives a special bear claw pendant. That's right, a genuine fake bear claw! This is finished with sliding knots for adjustability or with a sterling plated lobster claw clasp, depending on the age of the child.
Bear claw necklace project $16 per child
Age recommendation 6-10

Beaded Slinky Bracelet

This slinky cuff wraparound bracelet is fun to make and fun to play with. Children get their choice of seed beads and accent beads to make this wire bracelet that loops around the wrist several times. Older girls will love this project.
Slinky cuff bracelet project $20 per child

Age recommendation 7-14

Poetry necklace project

There is a poet that lives in all of us. Bring out your creative side with this poetry necklace project. Children choose from hundreds of word beads and can compose short poems and bead them onto a necklace with their choice of seed bead. This is finished with a sterling-plated lobster claw clasp.
Poetry necklace project $22 per child
Age recommendation: 5-11

Sports necklace project

Is your kid a sports fan? Then this project is perfect! Children can choose their favorite sport ball center bead and their favorite team colors to match. Boys and girls love this project. For a mixed-gender party this project can be made at the same time as a charm necklace project.
Sports necklace project $20 per child
Age recommendation 7-12

Bead Tree

This beaded tree is made by attaching chip beads to each wire then wrapping them around the ring. It involves dexterity and is appropriate for tweens and teens. The result is a stunning handmade art form that can be worn as a pendant or hung in the window or on a wall.
Bead tree project $30 per child
Age recommendation 12-16

Build an Ity Bity Bear

These little bears stand 5 inches tall and each child gets to attach a tutu skirt and wings onto the bear. Then the children will make a necklace for the bear that doubles as a bracelet that can be worn by the child. This project is great for younger girls. Some assistance is required to secure the wings and bear 
Build an ity bity bear project $22 per child
Age recommendation 5-7

Bejeweled Bowl

This project can be a one or two step project. The bowl framework is made of white plastic which can be painted or colored with permanent marker pens. The framework can remain white for this project (cutting out the first step makes the project shorter and less messy.) Then the children attach golden wire and colored beads to the prongs of the bowl weaving in and out until they get to the top.
  Bejeweled bowl project $28 per child
                                                                       Age recommendation 11-14

Leave No Sibling left Behind Projects

At a child’s birthday party sometimes siblings may feel left out, but not at an ArtCraftParty! I can prepare a craft project for younger or older siblings that is sure to entertain and occupy them during the party. Examples of the 'Leave no sibling behind' projects include any of the above-mentioned projects as well as necklaces with larger beads and sports bracelets with pony beads for younger boys as pictured.
Leave no sibling behind project price range $16-25 per child (your choice)
                                                                              Age appropriate projects from 4-18 yrs

Leave No Sibling Behind example projects

Call me to discuss the age and needs of your sibling project and together we will find one that is perfect for your child.